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Black Cave Recordings offers studio quality recording services for your project wherever you’d wish to record in and around Edinburgh and the UK. If you have a regular practice space for you or your band, have a specific location in mind where you’d like any sound to be recorded, or want to record in the comfort of your own home, our mobile unit can be taken to almost all places. We can also advise you on spaces you can hire out for any project, and can offer a package where you record certain parts in a studio, and finish other parts in the relaxed atmosphere of our home studio, a practice space of your choice, or your own home, saving you money.

  • High quality sound recordings
  • Any type of project, from vocal tracking to full band recordings
  • All genres are catered for
  • Record in the comfort a practice space of your choice
  • Suggestions for recording space hire available on request
  • Stress-free guitar/bass/vocal tracking available at our home studio or even your own home
  • Live band/performer recordings are welcome

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Edinburgh Recording Studio


In the comfort of our fully equipped vocal booth you can record vocals over a backing track of your choice or record voice over for your podcast, documentary or radio show. Enjoy the sound of industry standard equipment, with the added option of having your recordings edited, mixed and mastered. If you cannot come to us, our vocal booth is also fully mobile, which means we can come to you and set up wherever you wish.

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Take home a multi-channel recording of your band practice. If you need high quality recordings of your practice session to use as a demo or to get gigs, this for you. The session can take place wherever you usually practice (or we can recommend a venue if required). Mixing and mastering is an optional extra, but can take your sound to the next level.

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