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We offer mixing and/or mastering of any recording at very competitive rates. Many years of experience in the music industry means that we can provide you with high quality finished products. BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra are amongst many that have played our mixes and masters around the world.

We offer mixing and mastering for recordings you have made with us, or will mix stems sent in that have been recorded elsewhere. We can also master a mix to any specific sound that you are looking for. Through experience, we are able to accommodate music from all genres, from electronic dance music to metal, pop to reggae. Even if you have a live recording that needs some final touches, we can make your recordings sound as good as they possibly can.

  • Any genre is welcome
  • We will work to any specific requirements you may have
  • Your music can be referenced with songs from the same style (can be of your choice)
  • Proficient in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton and a range of plug-ins (Waves, PSP, iZotope, FabFilter, etc.)
  • Revisions of our work will be made if you are not completely satisfied with the initial result

Before and after:

Mixing and mastering to a high level can make a huge difference between a song that stands out from the rest. A listener can often pass by a song if it doesn’t sound right, so we take this process seriously.

These prices are a rough guide and depend on stem count & detail required
Recording + mixing + mastering bundle comes with discount!
Mastering prices are a rough guide and depend on number of songs
Recording + mixing + mastering bundle comes with discount!

Deals are available for projects that need both mixing and mastering. We can also work the mixing and mastering into our recording packages if required. You can listen to our soundcloud showreel of some previous projects we’ve done on the right of this page.