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Lessons on how to produce and record music are offered from a home studio in Edinburgh. An experienced producer will give you classes at any level with very competitive rates and a relaxed atmosphere. What you can learn is:

    • Production
    • Mixing
    • Remixing
    • Sequencing
    • Sampling
    • Mastering
    • Songwriting
    • Arranging

The lessons will teach you how to approach dance music production, pop, metal/rock, urban, hip-hop, band recording and acoustic/solo artist recording techniques along with many more styles of music, and any aspect can be focused on. Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and a lot of other software can be taught, including a host of plug-ins such as Waves, SPL, PSP Audioware and SoundToys.


£25 per hour or £90 per block of 4 one hour lessons


(£90 per month)
Absolute beginners will benefit from this course.  You will learn how to use the essential aspects of your production software, record and mix tracks, create music/beats using samples and synthesizer, and how to finalise a mix for commercial use. Your skills will continue to develop further with the help of tips, tricks and exercises to carry out.


(£90 per month)
Individuals who know the basics of music production but have areas in which they need targeted tutoring will find this course useful. You will be able to progress onto the next level of creating professional quality sound. We cover microphone placement/techniques, EQ-ing, effects, sound placement, mixing and mastering.


(£90 per month)
An important part of sound production is the technical detail of how to make the most of your production software. Learn the tricks of the trade in getting the best possible sound from your production tools.  Fine tuning a mix or master and how to make your music stand out from the rest will be the focus of this course.

Contact me through 07724 926 344 or info [at] blackcaverecordings [dot] com to discuss lessons further and arrange a meeting.

Please have a look at our other services to find out what else we offer. We are happy to cater for your specific project.

You can also book me through Tutorful, which has its own safe booking and payment system, if that suits you better. Please click on the following link, search for “Music Technology” at “EH11 2AW” and you will find me under Andrew R: