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Black Cave Recordings is run by Andrew Rankine BA (Hons), a record label owner (ABAGA Records), electronic music producer/DJ (Tactus) and multi-instrumentalist gigging/touring musician (Wolvesrot, Subvision, Scumpulse, Tower of Flies, Burt Ward). He has had his productions, mixes and masters played all over the world, including top 20 charts, BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra, and has lectured at MOBO, Wide Days and other events about the music industry.

Andrew Rankine - Black Cave Recordings - Producer, songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer in Edinburgh

Through working in several recording studios, he has gained experience in producing, mixing and mastering recordings for bands and producers of many genres, giving his own input into their compositions where needed, whilst making them feel relaxed and bringing the best possible sound and performance out of them. Andrew has many years gigging, recording and production experience, and plays several musical instruments. This gives him a great understanding of what a musician requires during a recording session, and has worked with a wide range of DAWs, equipment and plugins.

Since completing a Popular Music Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in 2009, he has worked in the music industry non-stop, and has gained a reputation of being great to work with, while delivering excellent results.


How long do I need to book a recording session for?

This really depends on how big your band is and how long the songs are. To get a very rough idea, multiply the length of the material to be recorded by the amount of musicians, then multiply that by 5 (live band recordings excluded) and add in breaks and set-up time.

Backing track and Vocals?

We are more than happy to accommodate this, and can get professional sounding result. The length/price of a session like this depends on how many songs you’d like to record and how well rehearsed you are. It should not require long, so about three hours for a bunch of songs would be sufficient.

Why work with Black Cave?

If you want the best sound from your project, we can work with you to achieve exactly what you have in your head and make it a reality using our extensive knowledge and experience. Each booking will be tailor-made to suit you so that you get the most out of your experience with us. Our location options mean that your project can be recorded at a very low price. Recording in a studio can be expensive. Combining the location recording with studio time can also yield fantastic results at a lower price than a full studio session.

What kind of musicians/bands do you work with?

We can work with any musical genre, from rock, metal and funk to electronic music such as drum’n’bass, house and dubstep. We can also offer tracking for single instruments, and can record vocals over a backing track or acoustic singer/songwriter acts too. Just name it, and we can plan a session around your needs.

Where can you record me/us?

We can record you anywhere. At your own home, in our home studio, at a practice studio of your choice, or any other location. Bear in mind that we’ll need power sources for the equipment, and some sort of cover. Exposure to the elements could damage our gear.

How much do you charge?

Please refer to each specific service page for rates

Can I get a discount?

We will offer you a 15% discount for a project if you can refer a new client to us. They will have to make a booking for a project of a similar size to the project you are paying for.

What can I expect from my mix or master?

We will ask you what sound you are looking for, establishing what details will need to be worked on. If you’d like us to reference any songs you like, we would welcome any suggestions. The producer will work with you on what mixing tools to use such as drum triggering, pitch correction and others. After the first draft is sent to you, get in touch if you would like any changes (such as a louder or quieter master). We are more than happy to make any changes you ask for.
Here’s a before and after comparison of what we can do to your recordings:


Do you do pre-production meetings?

We are more than happy to meet up with the artist(s) before a recording, mixing or mastering project. A project can hugely benefit from a pre-production session. It can make sure that we are both on the same page when it comes to what you want as an end result.

Can you make the music for me to the songs I have written?

We can help you with the composition and arranging of a song. We can also work with you on the instrumentation needed for the piece. If it requires samples or electronic sounds, we can work on those together in the Black Cave home studio. We can also record instruments for you, if required. This can be discussed if you are interested in a project like this.

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