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Take home a multi-channel recording of your band practice. If you need high quality recordings of your practice session to use as a demo or to get gigs, this for you. The session can take place wherever you usually practice (or we can recommend a venue if required). Mixing and mastering is an optional extra, but can take your sound to the next level.

Past projects include songs that have charted; punk, rock, funk, pop, death & black metal and reggae bands; hip-hop, rap, grime vocalists.

We’ve worked with: BBC, Disney, Pixar, Alcatrazz, Blumhouse, Cartoon Network, Vodafone, Universal, Hachette Book Group & Orbit and Glenmorangie Whisky.

Please get in touch for rates.

Band or solo artist recording in Edibnurgh - Black Cave Recordings by Andrew Rankine