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Take home a multi-channel recording of your band practice. If you need a high quality recording of your practice session to use as a demo or to get gigs, this for you. The rehearsal recording can take place wherever you usually practice (or we can recommend a venue if required). Mixing and mastering is an optional extra, but can take the recording to the next level.

Whether you are a solo performer, a piano and violin duet, a four piece ensemble or a full band, we can accommodate you. Any genre can be catered for, be it rock, metal, jazz, funk, classical or anything in-between.

Rehearsal recording (per hour)£20
3 hours recording + mix & master£100
Full day rate (8hrs)£150

Please have a look at our other services to find out what else we offer. We are happy to cater for your specific project.

Band rehearsal recording Edinburgh