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We can produce, write, compose, arrange and record custom made music for your project in any genre. If you’d like a backing track created to sing over for example, or have an idea in your head that you don’t know how to make into a reality, get in touch, and we will definitely make that happen. Electronic and live instrumentation can be utilised, and session musicians can be provided if your project requires it.

Past projects include songs that have charted; punk, rock, funk, pop, death & black metal and reggae bands; ADR dubbing; hip-hop, rap, grime vocalists; audiobooks; online courses and other voice over and podcasts.

Past clients include Saskia Eng (The Voice contestant), BBC, Disney, Pixar, Alcatrazz, Blumhouse, Cartoon Network, Vodafone, Universal, Hachette Book Group & Orbit and Glenmorangie Whisky.

A selection of industry standard equipment is available (also some not so standard) , with the added option of having your recording edited, mixed and mastered. If you cannot come to us, we have a vocal booth that is fully mobile, which means we can come to you and set up wherever you wish.

Everything can be customised as you hear it, and songwriting input from us can be extensive or minimal, it’s your vision we’re trying to create. Please refer to our examples of projects we’ve worked on.

Music production, songwiritng, backing track creation, composing and custom made backing tracks in an Edinburgh reocrding studio - Black Cave Recordings by Andrew Ranine
Music production, any type of genre or project, backing tracks, songwriting customised for your idea.Produced