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There are so many ways in which we can work on your music, record it live in a room at any location, record each instrument indivuduallly, and everything in between. Get in touch and we can talk about what suits your music, playing style and the sound you are going for, and together we can do our best to get to what you hear in your head onto a recording. We’re really flexible in our approach here, so let’s talk!

Past projects include songs that have charted; punk, rock, death & black metal and reggae bands; hip-hop, rap, grime, etc. vocalists; pop songs with integrity and innovation. Weve worked on events in The Queens Hall, Edinburgh Fringe, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh Art College, Liquid Rooms, Surgeon’s Hall and Summerhall. 

We’ve worked with: BBC, Disney, Pixar, Alcatrazz, Blumhouse, Cartoon Network, Vodafone, Universal, Hachette Book Group & Orbit, Glenmorangie Whisky.

All types of audio genres are welcome, vocals ranging from informative, factual-based adjusted voice overs to emotionally charged character acting and the conveying of life changing ideas and thoughts, and pushing your musicianship or voice to it’s full potential if appropriate.


Take home a multi-channel recording of your band practice. If you need high quality recordings of your practice session to use as a demo or to get gigs, this for you. The session can take place wherever you usually practice (or we can recommend a venue if required). Mixing and mastering is an optional extra, but can take your sound to the next level.

Please get in touch for rates

Studio band and vocal recording with overdubs - Recording studio in Edinburgh - Black Cave Recordings


Feel welcomed in the comfort of our fully equipped and treated vocal booth located in the Edinburgh city centre.

A selection of industry standard equipment is available (also some not so standard) , with the added option of having your recording edited, mixed and mastered. If you cannot come to us, we have a vocal booth that is fully mobile, which means we can come to you and set up wherever you wish.

The option of session integration with Zoom means that a producer or director can listen in and give guidance throughout the session, and remote recording through SessionLinkPRO, ipDTL, Source-Connect, Zencastr, etc. are welcome.

As always, all types of music and audio genres, from clean and adjusted to the raw, dark and dirty can be catered for.

Please get in touch for rates.

Vocal booth - Black Cave Recordings - Edinburgh recording studio


We can produce, write, compose, arrange and record custom made music for your project in any genre. If you’d like a backing track created to sing over for example, or have an idea in your head that you don’t know how to make into a reality, get in touch, and we will definitely make that happen. Electronic and live instrumentation can be utilised, and session musicians can be provided if your project requires it.

Everything about our composing can be customised as you hear it, and songwriting input from us can be extensive or minimal, it’s your vision we’re trying to create. Please refer to our examples of projects we’ve worked on. As mentioned, we have worked on all types of music and audio genres, from the shiny clean and tidy to the raw, gritty and dirty soundimg, real and true to life feelings and sounds.

Most, if not all of the project can be created at our Edinburgh city centre location, with the option of having parts recorded on location or remotely and sent in if required.

Music production, songwiritng, backing track creation, composing and custom made backing tracks in an Edinburgh reocrding studio - Black Cave Recordings



Recording enclosure by Session Booth. 1.5m x 1.2m soundproofed and treated recording booth for instruments and vocals with window included for line of sight with engineer. It can fit up to two vocalists, a vocalist playing guitar comfortably, or guitar cabs/amps, etc.

  • 2x AKG C414
  • 1x Shure SM7b
  • 2x Line Audio CM3
  • 2x Bash Audio RM BIV-1 Ribbons
  • 3x Shure SM57
  • 3x Shure SM58
  • 2x Shure SM58 Wireless Mics (SLXD24DE/SM58)
  • 1x sE Electronics V7 X
  • 1x Audix OM7
  • 1x AKG D112
  • 3x Sennheiser e604
  • 1x Red5Audio RV6
  • 1x Pyle PDMIC78
  • 3x Behringer XM1800S
  • Neumann KH310 monitors
  • Soundcraft Ui24R mixing desk/audio interface
  • Arturia Audiofuse interface
  • Sonarworks room correction
  • 9x headphones (Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Vic Firth, etc.)
  • 8-way headphone amp 8 channel microphone splitter
  • Samson MDA1 (active DI)
  • ART Dual Z Direct 2 Ch Passive DI
  • Jackson SLX DX guitar with EMG 81/85
  • Fender Squier Contemporary HSS Stratocaster guitar
  • Yamaha FG800M Acoustic Guitar
  • Novation Launchkey 37 keyboard/controller
  • Mapex Mars Pro maple & mahogany drum kit
  • Yamaha DTExpress II electronic drum kit
  • Digitech RP 350 guitar multi FX
  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
  • Pioneer DDJ-RB DJ controller
  • 2x Numark vinyl turntables & DJ mixer
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live
  • Reaper
  • Plugins by FabFilter, Waves, Neural DSP & many more

Studio band and vocal recording with overdubs - Recording studio in Edinburgh - Black Cave Recordings