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Black Cave Recordings can provide you with studio recording facilities at s9fifty studio in Glenrothes for all or part of a recording project. This can be in addition to the location recording package. You can record certain elements in the studio and others at the Black Cave home recording studio or at a location of your choosing, cutting overall costs for your project.

The studio has a large live room, where anything from drums to a full band can be recorded, the vocal booth allows for tracking vocals in comfort while its design results in pristine sounding recordings. The control room has a great sounding layout where musicians can track instruments comfortably as a result, and with a separate kitchen and green room, bands can enjoy their recording experience.

  • Produce a high quality studio recording
  • Experiment with sounds and microphone placement
  • Track as many parts of your project in the studio
  • Leave parts to be recorded at a location of your choosing
Studio Recording Equipment:
  • Pro Tools 11Focusrite Liquid
  • Saffire 56
  • Focusrite OctoPre MkII
  • OctoPre LE (Focusrite)
  • TL Audio 5021: Dual Tube Compressor
  • TL Audio 5052: Stereo Tube Processor
  • Waves plugins
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Neumann KM 184 stereo pair
  • AKG D112
  • Sennheiser s835
  • Sure SM57 (x5) & SM58 (x5)
  • t.bone CD 55 (x6)
  • Behringer B2
  • Slate RAVEN 2.0 MTi
  • Pearl Export drum kit with hardware
  • Blackstar Guitar amp & cab
  • Marshall 4×12 cab (x2)
  • Various bass amps & cabs
  • Beyerdynamic DT 100 & DT 770 headphones

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Studio recording rate£30.00 per hour
Full day rate (10hrs)£250.00
Weekend rate (2 days)£475.00

Whether it’s a single vocal track or full album production, s9fifty offers a comfortable, professional environment with the latest Digital Audio Workstations and experienced engineers to ensure the best results for your project. As well as a selection of legendary microphones to choose from we also have some of the best digital pre amps around.

A brand new addition to the s9fifty control room is ‘Steven Slate’s RAVEN 2.0 MTi’, which is a 27” multi-touch console and DAW controller and also works seamlessly in conjunction the brand new Pro Tools 11 software that we are currently running in the studio. Not only does it allow instant real time control of all the parameters within our DAW, it also adds more efficiency to the workflow with its user-customized batch commands. The innovative multi-touch control surface is the first of it’s kind and consequently heralds the arrival of a new age in hands on digital audio mixing.

Behind the desk, we have installed another exciting piece of hardware, the ‘Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56’ pre-amp. This is a state of the art, rack mounted signal processor incorporating 2 liquid pre-amps in addition which have the capability of emulating some of the greatest analogue mixing desks of all time.

The installation of this powerful, new digital audio platform is therefore great for our engineers. However, more importantly it will allow our clients to find the sound they are looking for in the most time efficient way possible.

Whether it’s vintage analogue or modern digital, ‘that sound’ is now only a ‘touch’ away.

Studio recording in Glenrothes. Black Cave Recordings - Edinburgh